January 8th, 2009


Moving Right Along

Hard to believe it's actually been a year since I posted my first post of 2008, predicting that 2008 would be an interesting year. Well, it seems I was right; 2008 was a year of many firsts, for me and a great many other people. Just off the top of my head, things that 2008 saw:

The United States of America elected its first African-American president, a historic event which may have serious repercussions, both positive and negative, over the next decade;

I got engaged, then broke off my engagement, an experience from which I'm still reeling;

I started seeing clients as a full-fledged therapist-in-training for the first time, and, in so doing, discovered that I am clearly pursuing the right career track--the thrill of being genuinely helpful to people, and doing something I seem to be really good at, has been entirely unmatched in my lifetime;

I began living by myself in a strange place, without roommates or a fiancee, for the first time since I moved away from home;

My darling sister got married to her delightful husband, and I got to take part in the ceremony, after getting myself ordained (online, of course) as a minister;

A close friend of mine got a film accepted into the Slamdance film festival, marking the first time one of his works has gotten the public recognition it so richly deserves;

And--for better or for worse--I finally took the plunge and went into debt, taking out tens of thousands worth of student loans to live on while I finish up my degree and prepare to begin working directly towards my Marriage and Family Therapist license. The economy being what it is, we'll see how that pans out.

I was fortunate to have the chance to spend the holiday season with my family in southern Illinois, enjoying their warmth and hospitality while I spent money I didn't have on some last-minute Christmas gifts. I got to spend two weeks there, which was wonderful, and left me a little confused and disoriented when I finally came back to California and had to remember what I was doing out here in the first place.

To my surprise, I actually remembered to bring my camera along this time when I left; to no one's surprise, I managed to forget to actually take any pictures with it almost the entire time I was there. The only pictures I managed to get were on the last day, just before I left for the airport, and only some of my family was around.

As such, the only people present in these pictures are my parents, myself, and my littlest sister. You'll just have to pretend that my other sister, my brother, and all of my wonderful friends are gathered in the background somewhere.

Once more, with feeling:

Dear readers, I hope that the holidays have left you refreshed and well-loved, and that the coming year will be one of joy and bounty for all of you. Frankly, after 2008, I could do with a year that was a little more boring.

Best wishes.