April 7th, 2009


"I am a leaf on the wind"

Those of you unfamiliar with webcomics (so, y'know, everyone except me, right?) will likely not be aware of a man by the name of D.J. Coffman, who is, among other things, the creator of webcomic Yirmumah. I admit, as webcomics go, I've never been much of a fan of this one, but Mr. Coffman decided some time ago to implement an interesting experiment in interactive webcomic design: send him two dollars, and he'll draw anything you want.

Well, I couldn't just let an offer like that go. I could have requested all sorts of interesting things, most of them probably involving superheroes (or myself in a superhero costume), but I decided to go a different direction with it; I thought I would request a drawing that I would give as a gift, to someone I knew would greatly appreciate the image.

I made the request sometime last fall, submitted my $2 via Paypal, and waited. I continued to wait, and eventually forgot all about it, assuming that my $2 had gone the way of all flesh. I would have been more upset, but I can spare $2 without serious injury, and eventually the opportunity to give the gift came and went. That, I supposed, was that.

But the other day I got an e-mail from one D.J. Coffman (by this time, I had totally forgotten about the request, and couldn't remember where I knew the name D.J. Coffman from) containing my requested drawing and a heartfelt apology for the delay. I was touched; he could have easily kept my $2 and saved the ink, but he is clearly a man dedicated to his (rather unusual) craft.

So, since it no longer makes sense as a gift, I present to the world at large, my very own $2 commission:

Not a bad picture, for $2, I'd say. If I could draw that well I'd probably charge more for my pictures.

For those interested, here is a link to the picture online. I'm absurdly pleased by the fact that someone in the comments praises my choice of request. The gift may never reach its intended recipient, but at least it's made someone happy.