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Roman Holiday

It's been a big week here at Law of Motion, Inc. (where Katrabbit and I make our beds). I started the training for my practicum this week (elephantine readers may recall that I'll be a trainee at the Pacific Center), and have been gradually introduced to the duties and responsibilities that I will be taking on as I start down the path of actually seeing clients in therapy. It is, needless to say, a big job, and I have doubts and fears aplenty regarding my capacity.

Further complicating matters is the fact that my employer, UC Berkeley School of Law, has determined that they will not be able to accommodate the time off that my practicum would require me to take, and I have been given the option of either continuing in my position, or continuing my practicum--but not both. For obvious reasons, I've chosen the practicum, as the development of myself as a therapist was my whole reason for coming out to this area in the first place, and while the job has been generally very good to me, I simply can't forsake my greater purpose in the pursuit of simple, momentary financial security. What's more, my experience in the training so far has made it clear to me that holding a full-time job of any kind during the practicum would be nigh-impossible; even if I could find an employer who would allow me flexible enough hours of employment, the thought of having to divide my attention between the practicum requirements, the job, and my schoolwork leaves me dizzy with apprehension. A part-time job is probably as much as I can handle at this point, if not more, and what the financial consequences of working less would be, I couldn't rightly say at this point.

But I post today not to whine publicly about my stresses and financial concerns, but rather to celebrate a great joy: this week has also delivered unto Katrabbit our first child. Our first hairy, carnivorous child.

He came to us through the Hopalong Animal Rescue Center, which finds homes for abandoned animals through the various pet shops and services in the area. We'd been looking for several weeks, and though several animals had appealed to us, we hadn't decided to take the plunge until just this week.

He was named "Silvio" when we found him at Your Basic Bird in Berkeley, one of Hopalong's partner stores. We've chosen to name him Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, a name which may sound familiar to some readers. We chose this name because it met our three major criteria:

1. It was Italian, in keeping with the resonance of "Silvio",

2. It was a name from either mythology or comic books (surprisingly, a requirement Katrabbit laid down, not me), and

3. It was a name appropriate to a cat which, in Katrabbits words, was extremely "chill".

After some initial trepidation when we first brought him to the apartment, he quickly warmed up to his surroundings and our company, and has been completely inseparable from us whenever we're home.

Here we seem him helping me study. This "perching on a shoulder" thing seems to be a favorite of his; he's actually doing it while I type this post. He was bought from a store full of birds; perhaps he was raised to believe he is a parrot.

I'll keep you updated with adorable stories and photos as he creates them. In the meantime, we're just glad to have someone so cute to talk to, and to wake us up as we try to sleep. We love it so much, we may buy him a nice summer home, in our freezer.

Seriously, he's quite a joy. It's the first cat I've ever owned myself, so I look forward to a long association. Fortunately, he looks like his mother (though his attitude is all me).

Yay first baby! Fuzzy or no, he's ours and we love him.