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Several Quick Firsts

Just a few quick notes to fill in what the Katrabbit and I have been up to in the past month, and all the firsts we've managed to survive thus far:

I saw my first clients at the Pacific Center. Confidentiality (and prudence--after all, potential clients could theoretically read this blog) prevents my saying more, but I'm excited to begin putting into practice all the theory and training I've undergone thus far. The rest of this year will be an unprecedented opportunity to test my limits and abilities in the field I've chosen...

Katrabbit and I attended a reunion concert for classic punk thrash band The Force, at legendary Bay Area club The Gilman. It was an interesting show, with a medley of punk/thrash acts, and though that style of music is not particularly my bag (baby), I enjoyed myself. One act of note was Das Kapital, a punk band of Chicago origin. We chatted with the lead singer after his set, and he revealed that he's passed through Carbondale numerous times, and remembered with particular fondness his shows at Lost Cross (side note: how cool is it that Lost Cross has its own entry in Urban Dictionary?) and PK's. However, the clear highlight of the evening was Katrabbit getting to meet members of one of her favorite bands, AFI. She even got to take pictures with the bassist, Hunter (which I would post here, except she still has my camera.)

Katrabbit and I also agreed to volunteer for the Macy's Passport fashion show, supposedly the only fashion show of note that takes place in San Francisco. Not normally my kind of thing, but it's an AIDS fundraiser, which gives it a connection to the Pacific Center, and I thought Katrabbit might be interested. The evening didn't turn out like I expected; we didn't get to sit in on the fashion show, and mostly ended up schlepping free flip-flops to the half-wasted debutantes and assorted hoi-polloi that drifted around after the show, but we received some rather nice parting gifts for our trouble, including Calvin Klein duffel bags and free samples of Obsession perfume. Not a bad haul, all things considered.

Other than that, little to relate; I've successfully negotiated increasing my student loan amount, so Katrabbit and I will be able to continue living and eating food in the manner to which we've become accustomed, and I'll worry about paying all the money back once I'm out of school and (theoretically) able to get a decent-paying job. For now I'll just focus on making it through my practicum and learning as much as I can about the therapy racket.

As ever, dear readers, my thoughts are with you (when I can spare any). Be kind to yourselves, all.
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