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It is with great sadness, and many other emotions, that I post the following news: Katrabbit and I have ended our engagement.

As much of a shock as the engagement itself may have been to some, I can only imagine this news, unexpected as it is, comes as an even greater one. I feel incredibly sorry to have let everyone down in this way--most of all, I'm sorry to have let Katrabbit herself down, because I know that she always believed in us as a couple and saw a bright future ahead for us. I've broken my promises to her, and to myself, and to a great many other people, and I can only say that I'm sorry, and I wish it could be different.

"But why?" is a reasonable question to ask under the circumstances, and there's no real easy answer to that; in short, I don't feel that I'm ready, emotionally, to deal with the demands of a serious, committed relationship. I realize that this doesn't say anything particularly flattering about me, and I accept that judgment. In terms of maturity I feel that I'm still on the level of a child, and I can't handle the responsibility of an adult relationship. Perhaps that is something I'll learn in time. But for right now, I feel that the best thing to do is to back off, put some distance between Katrabbit and I and give myself a chance to grow up a bit, while giving Katrabbit a chance to find someone who is ready and able to give her the love and support she needs and deserves.

I could go on and on about my feelings, my regrets, my grief, and the whole story leading up to this point, but I'll spare you, and myself. Suffice to say that this is a hard time for us both, and if there are any among you readers who wish to offer comfort, I ask that you offer it to Katrabbit, because she has had her whole world pulled out from under her, and she needs to know that she's not alone. As for myself, I have my wonderful friends and family to stand by me, and I know that this time of grief will pass eventually.

Again, dear ones, accept my apologies for having led you astray, and I hope that the next time I post it will be with happier news. Till then, all.
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