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Moving On Up, Reprise

Well, it's been a couple weeks full of changes for Your Man Out West, dear readers; I've finished my traineeship at the Pacific Center, and said my (deeply painful) goodbyes to that excellent institution; I've started preparing for the comprehensive exam at the Wright Institute, which will take place in September and will be the final step to complete before I earn my Master's Degree in October; I moved out of the apartment that Katrabbit and I shared, as it was really meant to house (and be paid for be) two people, and into a smaller (less expensive) one not far away; and to mark my transitions, I took a brief excursion up to Yosemite State Park with some friends from Pacific Center, and spent a couple of days up in the mountains in a cabin which belongs to a friend of theirs.

It was a lovely weekend, full of long hikes and gorgeous views. Contrary to my usual habit, I actually remembered to bring a camera, and took several pictures which I am happy to share with you here. Most were taken from Glacier Point, a lookout in the park which allows for a view of the entire Yosemite Valley, as well as Half Dome, a distinctive-looking peak in the Yosemite range.

As we were driving up to Glacier Point, we stopped briefly, and as soon as the car came to a complete stop this thrush immediately flew down onto the hood and began eating bugs out from the windshield wipers. It was kind of amazing; I suppose after living in that area long enough, it had adapted to take advantage of that particular food source.

The trip was not without its costs; I manage to injure my knee somehow during the hikes and had some trouble going up and down the slopes, and as I was returning after the trip was over I noticed that one of the warning lights on my dashboard had come on. That made me nervous, but the car made it back to my apartment without trouble. The next weekend, though, I was driving to a movie and it died en route, and had to be towed (I've since had it repaired, and it was apparently a problem with the alternator). I'm extremely grateful that this didn't happen while I was up in the mountains at night, with the wolves and bears and cougars.

So, my next step is to find myself a real job, which is proving to be more difficult than I had imagined. But as long as my money holds out, I can remain in the Bay Area and keep searching, so I'm hoping something comes along before I'm entirely tapped out. We shall see...

Given the atmosphere out here, the summer season is just beginning now, as it's ending elsewhere, so I'm looking forward to enjoying the beaches here (for the first time, despite living here for more than two years now) and the nice weather. Plus, just for the heck of it, I decided to shave off my beard, leaving my face hairless for the first time in several years. So maybe I'll be able to pick up a nice, unhealthy tan. Maybe it'll help me get a job! ...Maybe not.

In any case, enjoy your season, dear readers, whatever it may be. I'll be going to some interesting places soon (I expect to attend a performance by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and travel to L.A. to visit a friend at the end of the month), so I'll be sure to update, especially if I manage to find gainful employment. Be well, all, and may your mountains always be majestic.
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